Above all else...

Adventure Guide Company is here to provide outdoor education to anyone willing to learn. Our staff of American Mountain Guide Association Certified instructors are here to teach you everything about outdoor rock climbing from the basics of climbing all the way to the most advanced techniques reserved for places like the big walls of Yosemite. Stay tuned to this page for more classes for backpacking/ hiking, primitive camping, mountain bike technique and repairs, and kayaking or canoeing.

Courses can be taught at several locations, with certain courses requiring specific destinations.

Outdoor Locations:

  • Reimer's Ranch - Austin, TX
  • Wichita Wildlife Refuge - Lawton, Oklahoma

Indoor Locations:

  • North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Center - World's Tallest Indoor Climbing Gym
    • 1003 4th Ave Carrollton, TX 75006

To set up a course, e-mail any contact listed at the bottom of this page.

Outdoor Rock Climbing Courses

  • Basic Outdoor $100 - Top Rope Climbing (4hrs) - This is the perfect course for beginners looking to start a new adventure or an indoor climber looking to test their skills outdoors on real rock.
    • Learn basic knots and hitches used to tie-in, build anchors, and self rescue.
    • Receive product information of harnesses, ropes, etc., to understand the load limits and capabilities of equipment being used. Gear trust is essential.
    • Become a strong belayer by learning different methods of securing your climber, how to tie off a belay to go hands free, and transfer a belay in case of emergency.
    • Rappelling is a required aspect of outdoor climbing, this course will get you comfortable with the task and teach you the importance of redundancy.
    • Overview of hazards while climbing outdoors and learning to assess and manage risk.
  • Intermediate Outdoor I $125 - Sport/Lead Climbing (6hrs) - This course is for the climber who has mastered top roping and is ready to move on to the next level and learn to start climbing above the anchor. To take this course you either must have taken the Basic Outdoor Course from AGC or can physically demonstrate the necessary skills.
    • Product knowledge will be key, an in-depth overview of the equipment used and demonstrations on how properly to sport climb will be first. This is where you'll learn the commands, falling forces involved, and how to avoid back-clipping and z-clipping using quickdraws.
    • You will learn advanced rappelling, belaying, anchor building, and climbing techniques.
    • How to clean your route, retrieve all your gear, and get back down in one piece.
    • Hazards increase when you climb above the anchor; you will understand the risks of sport/ lead climbing, receive more training in self-rescue, how to bail off a route and remain protected, and learn how to fall properly to mitigate the chances of sustaining an injury.
  • Intermediate Outdoor II $125 - Multipitch Climbing (3hrs) - This course is an addition to the Intermediate Outdoor I, it teaches the necessary skills to climb 1000's of feet at a time if your heart so desires. This is the course for a climber who has aspirations of climbing long routes at Red Rocks in Las Vegas or El Potrero Chico in Mexico.
    • You will learn to manage an anchor system combined with a top belay. Setup and belay efficiency is key and will be the focal point of instruction.
    • Master rappelling techniques will be taught to understand the risks of multipitch climbing. Getting back down on damaged gear is covered here.
    • Proficiency with all belay devices (ATC guide, assisted braking, super 8) will an area of great focus.
    • Although the gear used is relatively the same as sport climbing, confidence while hundreds of feet off the ground will be instilled by the end of the course.
  • Advanced Outdoor $200 - Traditional Climbing (8-12hrs) - Welcome to the big leagues. Trad climbing is what separates the weekend warriors from the serious contenders who like to battle the rock with nothing more than some metal and knowledge in mostly remote areas. If hiking in 7 miles with a ton of gear to climb a 300ft chunk of granite in a place few humans have laid eyes on, you're in the right place. Must demonstrate mastery of sport climbing before taking this course.
    • Make no mistake, trad climbing is a serious step up. Hundreds, if not thousands, of more gear options surface. We'll sort through the sea of gear and get you the equipment and proper product knowledge you need for your specific goals.
    • You will learn how to be proficient at building natural and fixed anchors.
    • You will become comfortable with placing both active and passive protection and understand the need for alpine draws to minimize friction.
    • Removing pro from the wall is also a key aspect, techniques for efficiecy will be taught here.
    • Trad climbing is about as good as it gets for outdoor climbers however, great risk accompanies this activity. Upon completion of this course you will be tested to assess your knowledge to ensure you've got the skills to get back to the car in one piece.