Our Story

Simply put, we are a group of people that would rather do anything outside than be indoors. Our passion for the outdoors is unmatched and provides the motivation we need to succeed. We climb, we hike, mountain bike, kayak, the whole nine yards. Our goal is to strengthen any outdoor community around us and see places that we never thought possible. Tanner has trad climbed in Japan, Melanie has ice climbed glaciers in Alaska, and Ben has bouldered on the beaches of Hawaii. We want to take you on our journey of visiting the most beautiful places on this rock we call home. The best part of it all, is that we're only scratching the surface.

Meet the Team

Ben profile

Ben Wright

Co-Founder & CEO

Ben is living proof that going against your fears and trying something new can change your life. His best friend introduced climbing to him in 2012 and he never looked back. He began working in the industry in 2013 working front desk, cleaning holds after hours, and doing maintenance no one else wanted. A couple years later and he went from a General Manager to the Director of Ops for the world's tallest indoor climbing gym. Now he is the Co-founder of Adventure Guide Company and will not be satisfied until he travels to every corner of the globe.


Wilderness Medical Associates - Wilderness First Responder

Enhanced Tanner

Tanner Fontenot

President & Jack of all Trades

Just like the title says, Tanner can do it all. Not only is he AGC's President and lead guide before he turned 18 yrs old, he's an Eagle Scout, master audio tech, carpenter, metal fabrication pro, and has an in-depth knowledge of just about every outdoor activity. If you have questions about the outdoors he's got you covered.


American Mountain Guide Assoc. - Climbing Wall Instructor

Wilderness Medical Associates - Wilderness First Responder


Melanie Laughlin

Co-Founder & COO

Melanie is the definition of a wilderness woman. She is the strength and driving force behind AGC. After completing her Bachelor's Degree in Biology from UT Austin, she made a huge leap to Alaska. She spent the next 6 years hiking, kayaking, skiing, and climbing all over the US' largest state. During that time she owned a business, worked for the US Forestry Service, and fostered her love for the outdoors. Now that she's back in Texas, and owns a guide service, she's ready to take on the Lone Star State and beyond.


American Mountain Guide Assoc. - Climbing Wall Instructor

Wilderness Medical Associates - Wilderness First Responder



VP of Customer Relations

Roxie started out life as just a simple companion to Ben, but now she runs the show. She is always out at the crag with us keeping everyone in line and making sure they're having a great time. Although she doesn't climb much, we still love her and you can count on seeing her at our local adventures.


Cutest Dog in the World.... no lie!

So what's with the snake?

The ouroboros or uroborus is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. Originating in ancient Egyptian iconography, the ouroboros entered western tradition via Greek magical tradition and was adopted as a symbol in Gnosticism and Hermeticism, ll and most notably in alchemy. Via medieval alchemical tradition, the symbol entered Renaissance magic and modern symbolism, often taken to symbolize introspection, the eternal return or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself. It also represents the infinite cycle of nature's endless creation and destruction, life and death.

At Adventure Guide Company we believe in the fundamentals of leave no trace and the preservation of nature. We wanted our logo to embody those ideals and the snake was a great way to do that.